Rowan Lynch
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— I contributed curatorial and documentation support to the Neltume chapter of the Woven Memory Project, at the Centro de Cultura Museo y Memoria Neltume (Neltume, Chile)

— I co-curated Vision321, hosted by the plumb (Toronto, ON)

— Hearth presented as part of the University of Toronto's 2024 Proseminar series


— I contributed the essay A New Kind of Sun to Pumice Raft's publication Gyre & Gimble

— I designed Silverfish 003

— I represented Hearth as part of a panel discussing Alternative Gallery Models and Community Building at MOCA Toronto

— I read as part of Probably Poetry #10 hosted at the Tranzac Club

— I curated Feedback Loop at MKG127 (Toronto, ON)

— I spoke on a panel organized by Céline Bureau on the topic of the Art Workers Wage Transparency Project


— I developed and launched the Art Workers Wage Transparency Project

— I designed Silverfish 002

— I participated in Long Winter’s DIY Space project, travelling to the TEH (Trans Europe Halles) Conference in Prague to conduct research on DIY space and city policy in Prague, Amsterdam, and Berlin

— I produced Hearth’s third year of programming in collaboration with Philip Ocampo, Sameen Mahboubi, Benjamin de Boer, RISE Edutainment, AfrowaveTO, The Dundas Museum and Archives, and Spacemaker II


— I curated Zona de Sacrificio, a solo exhibition by Soledad Muñoz, at Hearth

— I designed Silverfish 001

— I co-curated Moonshow, hosted by the plumb (Toronto, ON)

— I designed the 2021 OCADU Visual and Critical Studies Journal


— I designed Mourning Anthology, published by Art Metropole

—I reviewed MOCA Toronto's exhibition The Age of You for The Peripheral Review

— I co-founded Hearth in collaboration with Sameen Mahboubi, Philip Ocampo, and Benjamin de Boer

— I curated An Observable Collapse, hosted by Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto, ON)

— I was the 2018 receipient of the OCADU CRCP (Criticism and Curatorial Studies) Program Medal

— I curated Tie it Off, hosted by HAVN (Hamilton, ON)

— I organized Crit Club at OCADU, hosting artists talks and group critiques

— I collaborated with Sophia Oppel on an exhibition text for 8eleven's exhibition whose line is it anyway?